E-Detailing for Healthcare-Professionals

Field service goes digital!

E-Detailing is the sales tool in the healthcare industry. It facilitates direct communication between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs, for example.

The sales force is still the most important channel when it comes to marketing medical products. Therefore, it is important to support them in the best possible way.

Furthermore, we have a target group that wants to find out about new products in addition to the daily demands of working in a clinic, practice, pharmacy, etc. The intelligent eDetails are perfect for this.

The intelligent eDetails are perfectly suited for a fast, digital and interactive form of presentation and make it possible to get to the heart of topics that require explanation quickly and easily.

That sounds much more attractive than working through pages and pages of studies and technical information.

WIN-WIN! – For your sales staff and for your customers.

Our services:

Contact persons:

Picture of Udo Wehkamp
Udo Wehkamp

Senior Consultant with over 30 years
experience in pharmaceutical sales

Picture of Barbara Nienhaus

Barbara Nienhaus

Conception & graphic realisation
in the field of e-detailing for 10 years


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